Hamilton Wentworth Waterfalls

There are many Waterfalls along the Hamilton Wentworth Escarpment
and surrounding cities.  Also there are many other beautiful hiking areas to be discovered in Hamilton.  If you are interested in more hiking routes, please click here.

Albion Falls
Albion Falls is located on Mud St.  accessible by the Red Hill Valley Trail.  You can park near the bridge at the corner at Mountain Brow Blvd.  It is situated with Buttermilk Falls, and Felker Falls.  The length along the Bruce Trail Blue to Buttermilk Falls is about 1.5 km return.  The Bruce Trail white to Albion Falls & Felker's Falls is about 7.5 km return.  There are stairs near the bridge to get near the base of the falls. 

Borer's Falls
To get to the Borer's Falls trail, take Highway 6 North, and turn left on York Rd.  You can park at the pump station.   The distance of this hike is about 2.5 km.  You will need to hike halfway across the trail to view the falls.  This trail is in the vicinity of the royal Botanical Gardens.

Buttermilk Falls
To access Buttermilk Falls, park at the King's Forest Park parking lot, at Mountain Brow Boulevard. Walk through King's Forest Park north to Mountain Brow Boulevard, and Buttermilk Falls.

Felkers Falls
Walk South along Mountain Brow Boulevard toward Albion Falls, and the old road, then walk North along Mud St.  Enter the woods, at the Bruce Trail blue.  Walk to meet with the Red Hill Valley Trail (there is another easier path along the edge of the field.)  Continue on the path through the woods to the junction.  Stay on the right to the Bruce Trail white, walk east, and climb up the hill.  Walk across the field to Mount Albion Rd.   Cross the street to the fence at White Blaze, cross over the stream, and climb up again to the field, & turn left, (again you have the option of taking the easier footpath to the right.)   Follow the Bruce Trail along the escarpment edge to Felker's Falls.   Go in the woods to the viewpoint and the Peter St. Trail.

Tiffany Falls
Tiffany Falls hiking area is located at a pull off area on Wilson St. E, at the side of the escarpment not far from Harpers Garden Centre.  It is situated in Tiffany Conservation Area.  The trail begins easily with tree roots, rocks, a solid ground with a soft inclines up & down.  Shortly you will arrive at the spot where the trail is gone, probably from erosion.  At this point, only experienced hikers with the right equipment need continue.   A sign points out that the trail crosses the creek in a couple of places.  You can cross back & forth at your own ease.  Careful in the creek, as there are some slippery rocks and  the water is fast and the ground is unsteady.   Also there is much mud and slipperiness in the area.  The fallen trees can be looked at as a hindrance or help.  This hiking round trip takes about an hour.   The amount of time to hike both Tiffany and Sherman Falls is about 2 1/2 hours.

Sherman Falls
Sherman Falls hiking trail is located at Wilson St. in Ancaster, across from Tiffany Falls.   The round trip length is about 5.5 km. and takes about 40 minutes.  There is a sign on Wilson St. for the Bruce Trail, which can be found by following the wooden steps down to the forest.  This trail would be rated as an intermediate hike and c the trail is on solid ground with some tree climbing, obstacles of rocks, roots, and shrubbery.  Along the path you can look into the valley.  Awhile into the hike, you will cross a small stream.  Along the way you will see some old tires and a rusty safe with the door removed, the secrets of the contents long gone.  There are also many animal tracks to follow.  Eventually, you will cross old Dundas Rd. and find the trail that takes Ancaster Creek to Sherman Falls.  The trail is easier to hike, and there is a bridge  crossing the creek continuing along the Bruce Trail.  At the right is a lookout area which is on private property. 

You can also enter Sherman Falls at Upper Lions Club Rd. at Old Dundas Rd. Walk up the East side of Ancaster Creek to Sherman Falls.   You can also cross the bridge, and walk towards the road. There you climb a path to the top of the escarpment through a gate to private property.  You can walk along the edge of the property, and enter the woods.  You can follow the escarpment trail, and walk West across the bridge, and continue on the trail.

Iroquoias Heights Falls
A small waterfall that is quite well hidden. The view from the crest is obscured by a large number of trees since the sides of the gorge are quite sloped. There is no path down, but the slope and number of trees makes for an easy climb.

Tews Falls
To get there, take highway 8 to Brock Rd. and turn right again at the flashing light to Harvest Road. Follow it until you see the signs for the falls.  This falls is only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls.

Waterdown Falls
Waterdown Falls is located on Waterdown Rd. after it turns from Mill St.   The parking lot is near the railway underpass at Smokey Hollow.  This hiking trail is about  4 km.  There are many trees & roots, rocks, and wildlife including snakes.  This waterfalls used to operate a watermill.  Which leads to why the town got it's name.  A part of the Bruce Trail starts at the falls and goes along Grindstone Creek.  If you go down the stairs near the gorge, you can get to the platform towards the top of the falls.  You can also make your way to the bench to take in the scenery.  The trail goes to Highway 6 and beyond.

Webster's Falls
The area of this falls in at Spencer Gorge Conservation Area at the Bruce Trail. This area has two waterfalls, the other one being Tews Falls.  The distance of both covers 6km.  To get there, take highway 8 to Brock Rd. and turn right again at the light to Harvest Road.  Turn right again onto Short Rd. and left to Fallsview Road.   

Albion Falls

Tiffany Falls

Path at Tiffany Falls

Name & photos Location Elev. Height Crest Type Difficulty
Albion Falls Red Hill Creek, Hamilton 575 69 33 Ribbon Beginner
Baby Webster's Falls Spencer Creek Tributary, Flamborough 550 30 5 Ribbon
Battlefield Falls Battlefield Creek, Stoney Creek 500 54 18 Ribbon
Borer's Falls Borer's Creek, Flamborough 640 52 29 Curtain Intermediate
Buttermilk Falls Red Hill Creek Tributary, Hamilton 560 69 33 Ribbon Intermediate
Chedoke Falls Chedoke Creek Tributary, Ancaster 600 57 20 Ribbon
Chedoke Falls (a) Chedoke Creek, Ancaster 575 55 3 Ribbon
Chedoke Falls (b) Chedoke Creek Tributary, Hamilton 625 101 15 Ribbon
Chedoke Falls (c) Chedoke Creek Tributary, Hamilton 600 69 8 Ribbon
Darnley Cascade Spencer Creek, Flamborough 740 5 25 Curtain
Devil's Punchbowl Falls, Lower Stoney Creek, Stoney Creek 450 18 20 Classical
Devil's Punchbowl Falls, Upper Stoney Creek, Stoney Creek 575 111 10 Ribbon
Felker's Falls East Branch, Red Hill Creek, Stoney Creek 575 70 23 Ribbon Beginner
Grindstone Creek Falls Grindstone Creek, Waterdown 630 20 15 Classical
Hermitage Falls Hermitage Creek, Ancaster 550 19 11 Classical
Iroquoias Heights Falls
Mill Falls Ancaster Creek, Ancaster 635 41 14 Ribbon
Mineral Springs Falls Sulpher Creek, Ancaster 550 11 11 Classical
Sherman Falls Ancaster Creek, Ancaster 525 38 18 Ribbon Intermediate
Sydenham Falls Sydenham Creek, Flamborough n/a 44 13 Ribbon
Steven's Falls Spring Creek, Flamborough n/a 24 8 Ribbon
Tew's Falls, Lower East Branch, Spencer Creek, Flamborough 510 10 20 Curtain
Tew's Falls, Upper East Branch, Spencer Creek, Flamborough 700 134 32 Ribbon Advanced
Tiffany Falls, Lower Tiffany Creek, Ancaster 550 59 26 Ribbon
Tiffany Falls, Upper Tiffany Creek, Ancaster 600 21 23 Classical
Webster's Falls Spencer Creek, Flamborough 650 63 78 Tiered Intermediate
Waterdown Falls Waterdown Advanced


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