Gluten Free Traveling in Canada




As awareness of gluten allergies increases, it is not uncommon that nearly all main stream stores now sell gluten-free products although selection may vary. It is rare to walk into a grocery store without having some gluten free options. However this list has been compiled to share these main-stream and "hidden gem" stores with all of you.

All suppliers and restaurants on this list are subject to change at any time and the Canadian Celiac Association, Quebec Chapter does not endorse any of these restaurants or suppliers, nor does it accept responsibility for any damages resulting from using these suppliers and restaurants. We insist that nothing replaces the vigilance of every person with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in always reading/questioning the ingredients of any product, or food item.


BNF La Messagère (gluten-free beer) 3451 chemin de la nouvelle France, St-Paulin, (QC) J0K 3G0 Tel: (819) 268-5500, or 1-800 789-5968. If you do not speak French call (514) 946-2165.
Bouquet Garni - Caterer Can make gluten-free meals for any size on request. 7 College, Ste Anne-de-Bellevue, (QC) H9X 1W9 Tel: (514) 457-BRIE (can also be contacted through Patsy Pie.)
Canbrands Specialty Foods (the old Kingsmill foods) PO Box 117, Gormley, Ontario, L0H-1G0 Tel: (416) 755-1124, Fax: (416) 755-4486, Website:
Cream Hill Estates Inc., (Suppliers of Pure Oats) 9633 rue Clément, LaSalle, Qc H8R 4B4 Tel : 1-866-727-3628, (514) 363 2066 Fax : (514) 363 1614 E-mail :
El Peto Products Ltd. - will mail deliveries, also available in Loblaws 65 Saltsman Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7. For telephone orders 1-800-387-4064, Fax: (519) 748-5279
Energ-G-Foods Ltd. P.O. Box 84 487, Seattle, (WA) USA Tel: (604) 270-8474
Exclamation de France 3480 Rang des Trente, St-Jean-Baptiste, (QC) J0L 2B0 Tel: 1-888-929-2253, Fax: (450) 446-7135
Ferme Odelil 561 Haut-de-Ïle, Ste-Monique, (QC) J0G 1N0 Tel: (819) 289-2720, E-mail: odelil@infoteck.(QC) .ca
Ferme Porcine Glenna Poitras 551 St-Jean Street, Brownsburg-Chatham, (QC) J8G 1M2 Tel: (450) 562-6779, Fax: (450) 562-4967
Foods Direction Inc. 120 Melford Drive, Unit 8, Scarborough, (ON) M1B 2X5 Tel: (416) 755-1124 or (416) 609-0016
Glutino Bakery/De-Ro-Ma
2055 Dagenais Ouest, Laval, Quebec, H7L 5V1
P: 1-800-363-DIET(3438) OR 1-450-629-7689 Website:, E-mail:
Hoffner’s – Fine Gltuen Free Products (kosher)
Brooklyn NY distributer...Found in Canadian IGA stores (Kosher section)
Ikea has a selection of gluten-free tortes
KinnikinnickFoods – available through mail order services, see website for more details #10940-120 St., Edmonton, Alberta, T5H-3P7 Tel: (780) 424-2900, or toll-free 1-877-503-4466, Fax: (780) 421-0456, Website:
La Bôite à Grains 581 St-Joseph Blvd., Hull, (QC) J8Y 4A6 Tel: (819) 771-3000 7, Fax: (819) 773-3000, E-mail:
La Maison de Julie 585 rue de l’Argon, Charlesbourg, (QC) G2N 2G7 Tel : (418) 849 -8427
L’Ami Santé 230 Main Street East, Hawkesbury, (ON) K6A 1A5 Tel: (613) 632-2997
Lifestream 9100 Van Horne Way, Richmond, BC, V6X-1W3 Good gluten free waffles found in surrounding IGA/ Provigo /Metro stores
Liv-N-Well Distributors Ltd. – international shipping available #1 – 7900 River Road, Richmond, (BC) V6X 1X7 Tel: (604) 270-8474, Website:
Maplegrove Food & Beverages 8175 Winston Churchill Blvd., Norval, (ON) L0P 1K0 Tel: (905) 451-7423 Gluten-free goods from suppliers outside Quebec, can often be ordered by an 800 number, or by e-mail and delivered by Purolator.
Marie Nature Bakery* 1310 Curee Labelle, Laval, (QC) H7V 2W1 Tel: (450) 687-2287, Website: Both these bakeries distribute across Quebec and you can contact them to know the nearest location to you.
Nelson David of Canada Celimix Products #101-193 Dumoulin Street, Winnipeg, (MB) R2H 4C7Tel: (204) 237-9161
Paramed - will mail deliveries 995 Wellington, Bureau 220, Montreal, (QC) H3C 1V3 Tel: (514) 395-2458, Toll-free 1-888-606-6676, Fax (514) 395-2396 E-mail:
Patsy Pie
Patsy Pie is a cottage industry, developed by one of our members. 3060 Brabant Marineau, Ville St Laurent, Qc H4S 1K7 Ph: (514) 333 7253. products can be purchased by e-mail at: and by web at
Premiere Moisson in the West Island Mall makes 3 GF cakes
Rice Innovations Ltd. 8175 Winston Churchill Blvd., Norval, (ON) L0P 1K0 Tel: (905) 451-7423
Rizopia Products - available at Loblaws/Provigo/Maxi stores. 2220 Mildland Ave, Unit 64 AP, Toronto, Ontario M1P-3E6 Tel: (416) 609-8820, toll-free 1-866-RIZOPIA, Fax: (416) 609-8825 Website:
Saudra Schmetterer – Home-made Gluten Free Birthday Cakes Phone number: (514) 696 6655.
Watkins Corp. 77 Irene Street, Winnipeg, (MB) R3T 4C7 Tel: 1-800-665-5756



Aliments Naturels Harmonie Inc. - (TEVA) 5143 blvd Decarie, Montreal, QC H3W 3C2
Ph: (514) 486 5542 Fax (514) 486 8060 E-mail:
Bio Terre 201 St. Viateur, West, Montreal, (QC) H2T 2L6
Bonne Santé Place Alexis Nihon, Montreal, (QC) Metro level.
Boucherie des Tours Atwater Market, Montreal, (QC), Tel: (514) 931-4406
Boucherie Tranzo(GF sausages) 6536 Somerled, Montreal, (QC) H4V 1S8, Tel: (514) 488-7907
Eden (owner « John ») 3575 Avenue du Parc Suite 4115, Mcgill ghetto MTL, PQ H2X-3P9 Tel : (843-4443)
Espèce Santé Beauté (Johanne Verdo) 1278 Jean-Talon East Street, Montreal, (QC) H2R 1W3, Tel: (514) 279-3709, (514) 278-3377
Fleur Sauvage Natural foods 5561 AVENUE DE MONKLAND, MONTRÉAL, QC H4A 1E1 Tel:(514) 482-5193
Frenco Health Foods 3985 St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, (QC) H2W 1Y4, Tel: (514) 285-1319
Health Tree Natural Foods 3827 BOULEVARD SAINT-JEAN, DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX, QC H9G 1X2 (514) 624-2896
IGA (various locations, check location nearest you) Have a variety of Gluten free foods to choose from, usually located in their organic section.
KIM PHAT (2 locations) 3733 Jarry, East, Montreal, ((QC)), Tel: (514) 727-8919
1057 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, ((QC) ), Tel: (514) 874-0129
Le Tournesol 1251 Beaubien East, Montreal, (QC) H2S 1V1, Tel: (514) 274-3629
Loblaws (various locations, check one nearest you) 2925 Rachel East, Montreal, (QC) H1W 3Z8, Tel: (514) 522-4442 etc…..Loblaws especially has a good selection of GF products. Some Amy brand products and some President’s Choice cereals are GF, BUT read the labels carefully!!
Marché Branche d’Olivier 4342 Wellington, Verdun, (QC) H4G 1W4, Tel: (514) 768-5930
Metro (various locations, check one nearest you) Often have some good Gluten free choices although selection is dependent on store. GF often located in the health/organic section depending on the store. All Metro stores have GF breads as a policy implemented Jan 2005.
Nature santé 2000 5006 Queen Mary Road, Mtl, (QC) Tel: 514-738-4638 across from the Snowdon metro. They are increasing their stock of GF items because of increased demand.
Panier Santé (Place Versailles) 7225 Sherbrooke East, 2nd floor, Montreal, (QC) H1N 1E9, Tel: (514) 352-5475
Papillon Bulk Foods Pointe Claire Shopping Centre, 303 St Jean’s Blvd., Pointe Claire. (514) 697 5157
Pharmaprix 4260 Wellington Street, Verdun, (QC), Tel: (514) 765-0444
Small selection
Provigo (various locations, check one nearest you)
50 Mont Royal West Avenue, Montreal, (QC) H2T 2S3, Tel: (514) 849-8028
42 Place du Commerce, Verdun, (QC) H3E 1J5, Tel: (514) 761-7207
1953 Ste-Catherine, Tel: (514) 932-3756
2820 RUE DE SALABERRY, MONTRÉAL, QC H3M 1L3 Tel:(514) 331-0581
10455 ST LAURENT, MONTREAL, QC Tel:(514) 387-7183
8570 ST-LAURENT, MONTREAL, QC Tel:(514) 384-5101
5595 AVENUE DE MONKLAND, MONTRÉAL, QC H4A 1E1 Tel:(514) 482-7273
1953 STE-CATHERINE O, MONTRÉAL, QC H3R 2J8 Tel:(514) 932-3756
3421 AV DU PARC, MONTREAL, QC Mcgill Ghetto Tel:(514) 281-0488
3185 BEAUBIEN E, MONTREAL, QC Tel: (514) 721-2433
Some Amy brand products and some President’s Choice cereals are GF, BUT read the labels carefully!!
Quality Fruit Bowl / Bol de fruits de qualité 34 Westminster N., Montreal West, (QC), Tel: (541) 481-4411
Rachelle-Bery (various locations)
1332 Fleury Street East, Montreal, (QC) H2C 1R3, Tel: (514) 388-5793
505 Rachel East, Montreal, (QC) H2J 2H3, Tel: (514) 524-0725
2510 Beaubien East, Montreal, (QC) H1Y 1G2, Tel: (514) 727-2327
2005 Ste-Catherine Street East, Montreal, (QC) H2K 2H6, Tel: (514) 525-2215
4660 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, (QC) H2T 1R3, Tel: (514) 849-4118
Tau Health Foods 4238 St Denis, Montreal, (QC) H2J 2K8,Tel: (514) 843-4420
Vervaine 1278 Jean-Talon East, Montreal, (QC) H2R 1W3, Tel: (514) 279-3709
Vogel Anjou 7500 Boul. des Galeries d’Anjou, Montreal, (QC) H1M 3M4, Tel: (514) 354-9277


Boulangerie Les P’tits Fourneaux 3100 boul. de la Concorde East, Duvernay, (QC) H7E 2B8, Tel: (450) 661-5552
Épicerie naturelle Culi-Santé 401A Chemin de la Grande Côte, Rosemère, (QC), J7A 1K8, Tel: (450) 965-9004 Glutino & Marie Nature products. GF products grouped in one section.
IGA (various locations, check location nearest you) Have a variety of Gluten free foods to choose from, usually located in their organic section.
Loblaws (various locations) 3500 St-Martin Blvd., West, Laval (QC) H7T 2W4, Tel: (450) 688-2969 1950 Boul. de la Concorde East, Laval (QC) H7G 4P5, Tel: (450) 629 8600


348 Grande-Côte, Rosemère, (QC), Tel: (450) 621-3510
Look for EXCLAMATION GF and allergy-free desserts.
Provigo (various locations, check one nearest you)
Some Amy brand products and some President’s Choice cereals are GF, BUT read the labels carefully!!
Rachel-Bery 1636 Boul. de l’Avenir, Laval, (QC) H7S 2N4, Tel: (450) 978-7557
Source de la Santé 103A Boul. de la concorde West, Laval (QC) H7N 1H8, Tel: (450) 667-9729
Vogel Marché 440 3535 Autoroute 440 West, Suite 22, Laval, (QC) H7P 5G9, Tel: (450) 682-3788


Arpents Verts, Fruits et Légumes 3040 Ave. Choquette, Ste Hyacinthe, (QC) J2S 1H1, Tel: (450) 773-6969
Carrefour de la Santé au Tournesol 1255 rue Périgny, Suite 36, Chambly, (QC) J3L 1W7, Tel: (450) 658-0218
Centro Nature (Place Longueuil) 825 rue St-Laurent West, Longueuil, (QC) J4K 2V1, Tel: (450) 674-1212
Épicerie IGA Louise Ménard (carries GF beer) 299 Wilfrid Laurier Blvd., St-Lambert, (QC) J4R 2V7 Tel: (450) 923-9399
Fruiterie St-Hubert Chambly Road, St-Hubert, (QC) J3Y 3R5, Tel: (450) 445-8808
KIM PHAT (2 locations) 8080 blvd. Taschereau, Brossard, (QC), Tel: (450) 923-9973
1875 Panama, Brossard, (QC) (450) 923-9877
La Pleine Lune 145 St-Joseph Blvd., (Halles St-Jean) St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, (QC), Tel: (450) 348-8238
L’Arti Bouffe 530 Victoria, St-Lambert, (QC) J4P 2J5, Tel: (450) 465-7010
Le Panier Vert 25 Main Street, Châteauguay, (QC) J6K 1E8, Tel: (450) 692-6963
Les Aliments Naturels, L’Eau Vive 250 Saint-Georges, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, (QC) J3H 2Y1, Tel: (450) 464-5767
Les Fours du Roy 322 Main Street, Granby, (QC) J2G 2W4, Tel: (450) 378-4061
L’Herbier Panier Santé 908 Bonin, Sorel-Tracy, (QC) J3R 2W4, Tel: (450) 743-2978
Loblaws (various locations, check one nearest you)
1150 King George Street, Longueuil, (QC) J4J 2W1, Tel: (450) 647-1717
1402 Roberval Street, St-Bruno, (QC) J3V 5J2, Tel: (450) 653-0433
80 St-Judes Street North, Granby, (QC) J2J 2T7, Tel: (450) 777-2875
1575 Panama Avenue, Brossard, (QC) J4W 2S8, Tel: (450) 466-2828
1023 Georges-Gagné Street, Delson (QC) J0L 1G0, Tel: (450) 638-5041
1122 South Street, Cowansville, (QC) J2K 2Y3, Tel: (450) 263-5439
2000 Casavant Blvd. West, St-Hyacinthe, (QC) J2S 7K2, Tel: (450) 771-6618
501 St-Charles Blvd., Vaudreuil, (QC) J7V 8V9, Tel: (450) 455-6161
Loblaws especially has a good selection of GF products. Some Amy brand products and some President’s Choice cereals are GF, BUT read the labels carefully!!
Marché Santé 1772 Cascades Street West, St-Hyacinthe, (QC) J2S 3J1, Tel: (450) 773-4243
Maxi 1235 Nobel Street, Boucherville, (QC) J4B 8E4, Tel: (450) 655-1204
400 Route 132, local 122, Saint Constant, (QC) J5A 2J8, Tel: (450) 635-2442
Panier Santé 22, Place du Marché, Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu, (QC) J3B 2P4, Tel: (450) 347-3122
132 Main Street, Granby, (QC) J2G 2V2, Tel: (450) 375-6446
Panier Santé Beloeil 223 Cartier Street, Beloeil, (QC) J3G 3R2, Tel: (450) 464-1134
Panier Santé Dame Nature 536 Mondor, Saint-Hyacinthe, (QC) J2S 5A9, Tel: (450) 773-5225
Pleine Lune 145 St-Joseph Street, St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, (QC), Tel: (450) 348-8238
Chez Gail Châteauguay Street, Huntingdon, (QC), Tel: (450) 264-5153
La Miche et la Quiche 450 Blvd. de Mortagne, Boucherville, (QC) J4B 1B8, Tel: (450) 655-6536
Métro Verchères 617 Duvernay Street, Verchères, (QC) J0L 2R0, Tel: (450) 583-5256
Provigo (various locations, check one nearest you) 2020 René Gaultier Blvd., Local 01, Varennes, (QC) J3X 1N9, Tel: (450) 652-9809 (Gluten-free products are often located in their organic section, read labels carefully)
Mon Côté Santé Métro Bromont 50 Gaspé Street, Bloc C1, Bromont, (QC) J2L 2N8, Tel: (450) 534-2246
TAU Aliments Naturels (carries GF beer) 6845 Taschereau Blvd., Brossard, (QC) J4Z 1A7, Tel: (450) 443-9922


Aux Sources Conseil 699 Conseil Street, Sherbrooke, (QC) J1G 1K8, Tel: (819) 346-9900
Bio & Alternatives 115 Queen Street, Lennoxville, (QC) J1M 1J7, Tel: (819) 822-1939
Boucherie Marcel Nadeau Ltd. 333 Saint-Lambert Street, Bromptonville, (QC) J0B 1H0, Tel: (819) 846-2701
Coop du Levant 5059 Frontenac Street, Lac Mégantic, (QC) J6B 1H2, Tel: (819) 583-1516
Fleur de Vie 261 Alexandre Street, Sherbrooke, (QC) J1H 4S8, Tel: (819) 346-2404
La Grande Ruche 25 Bryant Street, Sherbrooke, (QC) J1J 3E5, Tel: (819) 562-9973
Le Sésame 1234 King Street West, Sherbrooke, (QC) J1H 1S2, Tel: (819) 563-3290
Maison Gae 115 Queen Street, Lennoxville, (QC) J1M 1J7, Tel: (819) 822-1939
Marché Houde 1118 Main Street, Ayers Cliff, (QC) J0B 1C0, Tel: (819) 838-4202
Mère Nature Reg. 2334 Gait Street West, Sherbrooke, (QC) J1K 1K9, Tel: (819) 566-2233


La Moisson 350 Sicard Street, Sainte-Thérèse, (QC) J7E 3X4, Tel: (450) 437-3326
L’Oasis 1040 Labelle Blvd., Blainville, (QC) J7C 2M5, Tel: (450) 436-5747
Loblaws (various locations)
50 St-Denis Street, St-Sauveur,(QC) J0R 1R4, Tel: (450) 227-9687
525 Arthur-Sauvé Blvd., St. Eustache, (QC) J7P 4X4, Tel: (450) 491-7007
Métro Élite St-Antoine 633 Laurentian Blvd., St-Antoine, (QC) J7Z 4M4, Tel: (450) 431-7353
Métro Élite St-Jérome 430 Mgr-Dubois Street, St-Jérome, (QC) J7Y 3L8, Tel: (450) 432-3433
Provigo 801 Main Street, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, (QC) J8C 1L1
390 Route 117, St-Jovite, (QC) J0T 2H0, Tel: (450) 425 3103
Rachelle-Bery 105–1 Guindon Street, St-Sauveur, (QC) J0R 1R6, Tel: (450) 227-3343
Supermarché Le Blainvillois
1360 Labelle Blvd., Blainville, (QC) J7C 2P2, Tel: (450) 435-1279
Vision Santé 909 Ouimet Street, Saint-Jovite, (QC),Tel: (819) 425-7777
Alimentation Naturelle 433 Saint-Viateur Street, Joliette, (QC) J6E 3A9, Tel: (450) 753-4431
Aliments Naturels Chertsey 7801 Main Street, Chertsey, (QC) J0K 3K0, Tel: (450) 882-4057
Aliments Naturels Rawdon 3656 Queen Street, Rawdon, (QC) J0K 1S0, Tel: (450) 834-4888
Au Naturel554 Masson Street, Terrebonne, (QC) J6W 2Z5, Tel: (450) 492-9766
IGA St-Félix de Valois 5300 Main Street, St-Félix de Valois, (QC) J0K 2M0, Tel: (450) 889-4747
La Grenoble 182 de l’Ange-Gardien Blvd., Assomption, (QC) J5W 1R5, Tel: (450) 589-7471
La Joie de la Terre 701 Saint-Pierre Street, Terrebonne, (QC) J6W 1E1, Tel: (450) 471-7328
L’Arc en Vrac 546 Manseau Blvd., Joliette, (QC) J6E 3E2, Tel: (450) 755-3094
Provigo (various locations, check one nearest you)
1110 Montée Masson, Mascouche, (QC) J7K 2L8, Tel: (450) 474-4121
776 St-Isidore, C.P. 850 ville des Laurentides, (QC) J0R 1C0, Tel: (450) 439-5936
Supermarchés IGA (carries Glutino Products)
Brien Blvd, Répentigny, (QC)


Au Croque Nature 119 Queen Street, Gaspé, (QC) G4X 1T5, Tel: (418) 368-8745
Épicerie-Boucherie R. St-Gelais Ltd., 405 Dion Blvd., Matane, (QC) G4W 3M4, Tel: (418) 562-2790
L’Intégrale 104 Cyr Road, New-Richmond, (QC) G0C 2B0, Tel: (418) 392-4100


Marché IGA St-Félicien 1199 St-Félicien Blvd., St-Félicien, (QC) G8K 2R2, Tel: (418) 679-1316


Centre Nature et Vie 750 Main Street, Gatineau, (QC) G1L 3K8, Tel: (418) 529-7988
Gagné au Kilo 206 Bellehumeur Street, Gatineau, (QC) J8T 8H3, Tel: (418) 651-3262
La Boîte à Grains 581 Saint-Joseph Blvd., Hull (QC) J8Y 4A6, Tel: (418) 771-3000
Loblaws (various locations, check one nearest you)
800 Maloney Blvd., West, Gatineau, (QC) J8T 3R6, Tel: (819) 561-9244
375 Aylmer Road, Aylmer, (QC) J9H 1A5, Tel: (819) 682-4433
1 Blvd. du Plateau, Hull, (QC) J9A 3G1, Tel: (819) 777-2747
Mère Nature
141 de la Savane Road, Gatineau, (QC) J8T 1P8, Tel: (418) 561-5036


Alimentex 1188 1st Avenue, Québec, (QC) G1L 3K8, Tel: (418) 529-7988
Aliments Santé Laurier 2700 Laurier Blvd., Saint-Foy, (QC) G1V 2L8, Tel: (418) 651-3262
Épicerie Européenne 560 Saint-Jean Street, Québec, (QC) G1R 1P6, Tel: (418) 529-4847
Épicerie Métro (carries GF beer) 8500 Henri-Bourassa Blvd., Charlesbourg, (QC) G1G 5X1, Tel: (418) 626 1056
Épicerie Santé Lévisienne (L’Heptade) 5255 South Shore Blvd., Lévis, (QC) J6V 4Z4, Tel: (418) 835-3191
Grandeur Nature 100 St-Thomas Street, Montmagny, (QC) G5V 1M1, Tel: (418) 248-8897
La Garde Santé 3055 Hamel Blvd., #115A, Quebec, (QC) G1P 4C6, Tel: (418) 872-2169
Le Naturiste JMB Ltd. Carrefour Beau 3333 du Carrefour street, Beauport, (QC) G1C 5R9, Tel: (418) 666-5659
L’Essentiel 8324 de la Brise, Charny, (QC) G6X 1E7, Tel: (418) 832-7636
Loblaws (various locations, check one nearest you)
4545 Henri-Bourassa Blvd., Charlesbourg, (QC) G1H 7L9, Tel: (418) 622-7070
8200 Lacroix Blvd., St-Georges-de-Beauce, (QC) G5Y 2B5, Tel: (418) 227-9228
Marché Richelieu Sillery 2485 Saint-Louis Road, Local 208, Sillery, (QC) G1T 1R9, Tel: (418) 658-6215
Métro Gagnon (carries GF beer) 8500 Henri-Bourassa Blvd., Charlesbourg, (QC) G1C 5X1, Tel: (418) 626-1056
Santé la Vie 999 de Bourgogne Street, Ste Foy, (QC) G1W 4S6, Tel: (418) 658-0070
Supermarchés GP 2290 Bastien Blvd., Neufchatel, (QC) G2B 1B6, Tel: (418) 843-4755
Vitavie Carrefour Beauport 3333 du Carrefour Street, Beauport, (QC) G1C 5R9, Tel: (418) 667-0070


Alimentation Gauthier & Frères (IGA) 850 7th Avenue, Grand-Mère, (QC) G9T 2B8, Tel: (819) 533-4553
Alimentation Naturelle Filion 152 Saint-Damase Street, Drummondville, (QC) J2B 6G5, Tel: (819) 472-3012
Coopérative La Manne 194 Notre-Dame Street, East, Victoriaville, (QC) G6P 4A1, Tel: (819) 758-1211
Gourmet Nature 1830 Saint-Marc Street, Shawinigan, (QC) G9N 2H7, Tel: (819) 537-4346
Grande-Mère Nature 830, 6th Avenue, Grand-Mère (QC) G9N 2H7, Tel: (819) 538-2895
La Petite Meunière 250 St. Lawrence Street, Cap-de–la-Madeleine, (QC) G8T 6G7, Tel: (819) 379-6096
Les Romarins 321 de Lanaudière Street, Route 138, Ste Anne-de-la-Pérade, (QC), Tel: (418) 325-3430
Loblaws (various locations, check one nearest you)
60 Carignan Street, Victoriaville, (QC) G6P 4Z6, Tel: (819) 752-4527
3725 Forges Blvd., Trois-Rivières, (QC) G8Y 4P2, Tel: (819) 374-8980
Simonne Coderre 188 Main Street, St-Léonard-d’Aston, (QC) J0C 1M0, Tel: (819) 399-3246


Club Coop Métro 421, 12th avenue East, Amos (QC) J9T 3H1, Tel: (819) 732-5281
Loblaws (various locations, check one nearest you)
4, 15th Street, Rouyn-Noranda (QC) J9X 2J8, Tel: (819) 797-1723
680 Barrette Blvd., Val D’Or (QC) J9P 7G6, Tel: (819) 825-5000
La Semence 184 Carter Street, Rouyn-Noranda, (QC) J9X 1S6, Tel: (819) 762-8918
Métro Pelletier Inc. 1177 8th Street, Val-d’Or, (QC) J9P 1R1, Tel: (819) 825-6608
Origine des Épices 100 Terminus, West, Rouyn-Noranda, (QC) J9X 6H7, Tel: (819) 764-9024
Provigo Place Centre-Ville 82 1st Avenue, East, Amos, (QC) J9T 4B2, Tel: (819) 727-9433


Alimentation Lebel Ltd., 615 1st Street, La Pocatière, (QC) G0R 2A0, Tel: (418) 856-3827
La Coop Alina 99 Saint-Germain Street, West, Rimouski, (QC) G5L 4B5, Tel: (418) 723-0356
Le Naturiste JMB (various locations) 419 Jessop Street, Rimouski, (QC) G5L 7Y5, Tel: (418) 725-3771 80 Saint-Germain Street, East, Rimouski, (QC) G5L 3H8, Tel: (418) 722-8454
Le Panier Vert 199 Lafontaine Street, Rivière-du-Loup, (QC) G5R 3A6, Tel: (418) 862-0105
Supermarché GP (various locations)
92 2nd Street, West, Rimouski, (QC) G5L 8B3, Tel: (418) 723-6941
643 Richard Street, Trois-Pistoles, (QC) G0L 4K0, Tel: (418) 851-2044
237 Commercial Street, Cabano, (QC) G0L 1E0, Tel: (418) 854-2177


Aliments Santé La Chaumière 475, 57th Street, North, Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, (QC), Tel: (418) 227-8355
Boucherie Jacques St-Pierre 103, 23rd Street, St-Rédempteur (QC) G6K 1A6, Tel: (418) 836-2602
La Clinique Denyse Lessard 450 Rochon Blvd., North, Sainte-Marie, (QC) G6E 1M1,Tel: (418) 387-6898
La Fine Fourchette Place Centre Ville 11,400 1st Avenue, Saint-Georges, (QC) G5Y 5S4, Tel: (418) 228-1823
Le Coin de la Nature (Place Charny) 8032 Church Avenue, Charny, (QC) G5R 3A2, Tel: (418) 832-5141
Le Jardin des Sages 8460 Lacroix Blvd., Saint-Georges, (QC) G5Y 2B5, Tel: (418) 228-0317
Les Produits de Santé LD Ltd., Galeri 1200 Alphonse-Desjardins Street, Lévis, (QC) G6V 6Y8, Tel: (418) 837-2340
Marché Labonté 1116 Vachon Street, North, Sainte-Marie, (QC) G6E 1N7, Tel: (418) 387-3120
Métro Lac Etchemin 216, 2nd Avenue, Lac Etchemin (QC) G0R 1S0, Tel: (418) 625-6301
Marché B. Gagnon Inc. 125 Champoux Street, Disraéli, (QC) G0N 1E0, Tel: (418) 449-4218
Garde-Manger/Nature Santé
1415 Champs-Élysées Street, Chicoutimi, (QC) G7H 6J2, Tel: (418) 693-9320
Le Garde-Manger 271 Sainte-Famille Street, Chicoutimi, (QC) G7H 4J5, Tel: (418) 696-1597
Le Soleil Levant 2370 Saint-Dominque Street, Jonquière, (QC) G7X 6K8, Tel: (481) 547-6227
Les Graines 195 Saint-Joseph Avenue, Alma, (QC) G8B 3E7, Tel: (418) 662-5100
Loblaws 1155 Talbot Blvd., Chicoutimi, (QC) G7H 4B5, Tel: (418) 690-0063
Métro La Baie 382 6th Street, La Baie, (QC) G1B 1X7, Tel: (418) 544-7376
Marché Comeau & Cantin Talbot Blvd., Chicoutimi, (QC)
Marché IGA St-Félicien 1199 St-Félicien Blvd., St-Félicien, (QC) G8K 2R2, Tel: (418) 679-1316
Boulangerie Patisserie Charlevoix 28 Forget Street, Baie St-Paul, (QC) G3Z 1T9, Tel: (418) 435-3726
Grandeur Nature (Région de Manicougan), Tel: (418) 248 8897
Supermarchés IGA of Baie-Comeau and of Sept-Ïles now carry Glutino products.


(It is recommended that you reserve ahead of time, avoid rush hours and clearly identify who you are when you arrive.)


Bombay Palace 2201 Ste Catherine West, Montreal, (QC) H3H 1M6, Tel: (514) 932-7141.
(Be careful, staff are not very knowledgeable regarding gluten allergy, directions must be clear)
Bonaparte Restaurant 443 rue Saint-François-Xavier, Montreal, (QC), Tel: (514) 844-4368
Bon Blé Riz 1437 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, (QC), Tel: (514) 844-1447 (Be careful, they do not accommodate during busy hours and are not using separate grills anymore due to popularity growing…please check in advance.)
Café La Bistouille, Bistro (Chef François) 2 Blainville Ouest, Ste-Thérèse, Tel: (450) 433-6791
Casa Pescara 6752 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal, (QC), Tel: (514) 253-2658
Chao Phraya 50 Laurier Avenue West,Montreal, QC Tel: (514) 272 5339 Ask for Stéphanie as waitress.
Chez Benny’s (***** KOSHER) (Salads, grilled chicken plate are safe. Meats are only marinated in spices…salads made with oil and Hellman’s mayonnaise only…Do not try the fries or falafel)
Chez Minh fine cuisine Vietnamien 2107 Laurentian Bld., Laval, QC Tel : (450) 662 1446 Contact M.Minh.
Dundees Deli and Bar
106 Sainte Anne Street, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, (QC) H9X 1M1, Tel: (514) 457-4272
East India Company 3533 Queen Mary Road, Montreal, (QC) H3C 3V9, Tel: (514) 344-2217
La Baguette D’ivoire – Fine Asian Cuisine 1242 rue Mackay, MTL, QC, Tel: (514) 932-7099 (You will be restricted to the vegetarian and poultry rice dishes but they are familiar with our allergy. You must simply specify that you would like your dish without sauce and the poultry without marinade in the starch. They are very flexible…)
La Bergamote (Chef Michel) 2101 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal, (QC),
La Bouchée de Pain 910 Duluth E.; 514-523-6922 Lunch for two, not including tax or tip: $11 (gluten free menu)
La Casa Azul 5974 Monkland, Montreal, (QC) H4A 1G8, Tel: (514) 481-0200 E-mail: La Gaudriole
825 Laurier Street East, Montreal (QC), Tel: (514) 276-1580
La Raclette Inc.1059 Gilford, Montreal, (QC), Tel: (514) 524-8118
Le Club du Village 4 Somerville Avenue, Westmount, (QC), Tel: (514) 485-2502
Le Commensal (various locations) Vegetarian restaurant chains keep a book of typed recipes so ingredients are easily verifiable. They now have gluten free signs above all meals that are safe therefore one can eat GF with care.
Le Lai, Resto Vietnamien 6243 Sherbrooke Street East, Montreal (QC), Tel: (514) 256-7333(Be careful, staff are not very knowledgeable regarding gluten allergy, directions must be clear)
Wendy’s Restaurant Chain (various locations)
Le Royaume du Thailand Taschereau Boulevard, 4904 Greenfield Park, (QC), Tel: (450) 672-3051 (Their soups have rice noodles and bamboo shoots which are GF and the Ginger Chicken is safe, but select what you eat with care.)
Les Trois Sœurs 479 Beaconsfield Boulevard, Beaconsfield, (QC), Tel: (514) 694-6731
Philinos 4806 Ave du Parc, Montreal, Qc, Tel: (514) 271-9099 (Terry is the name of the manager, "John" is a knowledgeable waiter)
Rivage Restaurant Hotel Maritime Plaza, 1155 Rue Guy, Montreal
Sahib (Does deliveries & take-out) 225 Hymus, Pointe Claire, (QC),
Thai Express (fast food, various locations, check one nearest you)
-1600 BOULEVARD LE CORBUSIER, CHOMEDEY, QC H7S 1Y9 Tel:(450) 681-8940
-1500 AVENUE ATWATER, MONTRÉAL, QC H3Z 1X5 Tel:(514) 904-1111
-2305 CHEMIN ROCKLAND, MONT-ROYAL, QC H3P 3E9 Tel:(514) 731-3942
-3003 BOULEVARD LE CARREFOUR, CHOMEDEY, QC H7T 1C7 Tel:(450) 682-8862
- NEW Parc Ave and Prince Arthur Tel: ? (They stir-fry and make the food in front of you so you can tell them to not include the sauces and watch them clean the wok etc..under your observation. Be careful not to pick their Udon noodles made from wheat…all other noodles are from rice. Their sauces likely contain Gluten so bring your own)
The ‘Biftek’ chain can also provide GF food, some are better at doing this than others.
The Main 3864 St Laurent blvd, Montreal, PQ, Tel : 514-843-8126 Ask for Lucie (waitress) or Peter (owner)
The ‘Outback’ chain of steak restaurants (a U.S. chain) Autoroute 40 & Sources Blvd., Dollard-des-Ormeaux, (QC), Tel: (514) 683-2036 Coming soon to Laval.
Tortilla Maya 5274 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montreal (QC), Tel: (514) 495-0606
Restaurant L’Entrecote St-Jean 2022 Peel, Montreal (corner de Maisonneuve). Tel : (514) 281 6492
Restaurant Europea 1227 rue de la Montagne, Monyreal, (Qc) Tel : (514) 398 9229
Restaurant YoYo 4720 rue Marquette, Montreal, (QC) H2J 3Y6, Tel: (514) 524-4187
E-mail:, Website:
Resto Shakespeare 53A St Anne Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue, QC, H9X 1L5, Tel: (514) 457 0119
(Chef named Nathalie is very GF aware. Owner is a Charlie Halasz)


Restaurant William 1st 631 Royale Avenue, Tel: (418) 663-4558


Le Victorien 775 Blvd. Vachon North Ste Marie-de-Beauce has prepared GF midday snacks, a picnic and evening meals for the tourist trains in the region


Restaurant Chez Les DeVillemure 7 Main Street, Tel: (450) 763-5743


Café Soup'Herbe 168 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, (QC) J9B 1J3, Tel: (819) 827 7687.


Best Western 915 Haims Street, Tel: (819) 478-4971


Auberge du Lac Saint-Pierre 1911 Notre Dame Street, Pointe du Lac (QC) Tel: (819) 377-5971
Angéline 313 Rue des Forges, Trois Rivières, (QC) Tel: (819) 372-0468
Casablanca Taverna Gourmande 317 Rue des Forges, Trois Rivières, (QC) Tel: (819) 691-1111
Gaspard 475 Rue des Forges, Trois rivières, (QC) Tel: (819) 691-0680


Horace 115 King Street West, Sherbrooke, (QC) Has prepared GF meals for the Trains Touristiques de Chaudières-Appalaches.
Auberge Quilliams du Lac Brome 572 Lakeside Road, Lac Brome, (QC) Tel: (450) 242-0404, Toll-free: 1-888-922-0404


Glutasim 5,500, rue Rodrigue, local 122, Laplaine, QC – Completely GF restaurant! Tel : (450) 477 4800
Cabane à sucre Chez Pépère – Be sure to call before going for GF food.
2975 Rang Saint-Jacques, Route 341 Nord, St-Jacques de Montcalm, QC (15 minutes before Joliette). Tel : (450) 839 3369
La Belle Excuse – well aware of Celiac Disease 524, rue St-Viateur, Joliette, QC Tel : (450) 756 0118


Café aux Petits Caprices 55 Route 132 West, Saint-Simon de Rimouski, (QC) Tel: (418) 738-2354
Also sells GF cakes and GF Christmas logs.
Ecomertours Nord-Sud 260 Évêché East, Rimouski, (QC) Tel: (418) 724-6227, Toll-free: 1-888-724-8687
Can assure GF meals on their tours and cruises.


L’Auberge de la Seigneurie du Lac 3127 St-Méthode Street, St-Félicien, (QC) Tel: (418) 630-4381
Has prepared a GF meal for 25 people.


Bistango 1200 Germain-de-Près, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 658-8780
Café de la Terrasse Château Frontenac, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 692-3861
Château Bonne Entente 3400 Chemin Ste-Foy, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 653-5221, Toll-free: 1-800-463-4390
Cicchio Café 875 Claire-Fontaine, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 525-6161
Coco Pazzo Promenade Deslauriers, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1B1 Phone: 819 681-4774
Not advertised as GF but very Gluten aware as someone in their family suffers from celiac disease/
Cochon Dingue (various locations)
1326 Rue Maguire, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 684-2013
46 Boul. René-Levesque, (QC) Tel: (418) 523-2013
46 Boul. Champlain, (QC) Tel: (418) 692-2013
La Brochetterie Chez Gréco 979 Marcotte Blvd, Roberval, (QC) Tel: (418) 275-5707
Lapin Sauté 52 Petit Champlain, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 692-5325
Le Chariot de l’Hôtel – Motel le Rond Point 53 Boul. Kennedy, Lévis, (QC) Tel: (418) 833-4920
Le Montego 1460 Maguire Avenue, Sillery, (QC) Tel: (418) 688-7991.
Les Crêpes Celtique 151 Chemin Ste-Foy, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 525-5105
Paparazzi 1363 Rue Maguire, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 683-8111
Restaurant L’Initiale 54 rue St-Pierre, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 694-1818
Restaurant le 47ième Parellèle 24 Rue Sainte-Anne, Québec (QC) Tel: (418) 692-1534
Rivoli (chef Arnaud Plista) 601 Grande Allée Est, Quebec, (QC) Tel: (418) 529-3071
Au clair de lune
3175 chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois, Sainte Foy, Qc Tel : (418) 659 5298 Contact Jean-Pierre de La Haye.
Mon manège à toi
102 René Levesque Blvd., Quebec, QC Tel : (418) 649 0478


Chez Serge 2961 Rang St-Édouard, Tel: (450) 346 5599


La Clé des Champs, Tel: (418) 878 3634


Auberge de Santé Claire Lamarche 325 Chemin de la Rivière, Tel: (819) 878 2259


Auberge Ste Catherine, Tel: (819) 868 1212 – had a fire to be rebuilt


Auberge d’Émilie 331 Main Street, Tel: (450) 886 3311


Restaurant Charlie 10,330 Boul. Lacroix


Casa du Spaghetti 604 Principale, Granby, (QC) Tel: (450) 372-3848
Judged the best restaurant in Quebec by the FQMC for 2002.


Dragon Vert 4910 Foster Street, Waterloo, (QC) Tel: (450) 539-1211



Auberge Ste Catherine-de-Hatley 2 Grand’Rue, Ste Catherine-de-Hatley, (QC) Tel: (819) 868-1212 fire to be rebuilt
Château Montebello has provided GF meals with the help of a GF restaurant card. Tel: (819) 423 6341, Toll-free 1-800-441-1414.
Auberge Carpenteir bed and breakfast 3 Chemin Rochon (1hr drive from Ottawa or Gatineau) (819) 663 5229, or(819) 467-3503
Le Gîte 120 Basse-Ville, Ïsle-aux-Grues, Tel: (418) 248-4518
Le Nichoir de Ïsle-aux-Grues offers GF breakfasts with cereal and bread included.
Angelica Blue Bed & Breakfast 1213 Sainte Elizabeth, Montreal, (QC) H2X 3C3 Tel: (514) 844 5048, Toll-free: 1-800-878-5048, Fax: (450) 448-2114 and e-mail Apparently they have GF bread and soy milk.


Ian’s Kitchen & Soda Shoppe – The diner with a difference - (Has a GF menu )
2812 Princess Street, (Hwy 2), Kingston, ON Tel: 1 (613) 389 6893
Burlington, Vermont
Souza’s Brazilian Restaurant, 55 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05401 Tel: 1 (802) 864 2433 E-mail;

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