The Guide to The Kings (official site here.):


Switchin to Glide: See the only Switchin' to Glide video! The original band in concert!
Plus a secret introduction!

Yes, you too can get The Kings to play in your town! Watch this video of the band playing at a party this summer.  

The Kings Intro: Recorded at 2000

The Kings media introductions: Various media personalities introduce The Kings.

MORE VIDEO! Here is a video montage of three more great songs by The Kings! These songs are all from the "Unstoppable" CD .


Unstoppable: This is the title song from Unstoppable and is also a bonus track on The Kings Are Here and More. A top-ten single in Canada, this song is in the classic Kings style.

Shoulda Been Me: Again from Unstoppable and again a bonus track on Are Here and More. This track was re-worked and remixed for Are Here and More and is tougher sounding than on Unstoppable. A great song that The Kings always thought was a hit.

Tonight I Got You: A longtime staple of The Kings' live show, this song was inspired by a disastrous tour of the USA.

Get the WAV

A Protest Song: This was recorded at a rehearsal at Diamond's house with Zero and Atilla. A new song that should be a part of the next studio album.


This Beat Goes On/Switchin' to Glide: Here is a taste of THE HIT from Party Live in '85, the fabulous raunchy live album. There are a lot of gems on this disc, great at a party.

Because of You : Here ya go! A complete song! Brand new! If you love it let us know!

If We Don't Belong Together This beautiful ballad written by Sonny Keyes and Mister Zero is a lot of people's favorite Kings' song. Featuring guitar work by Andy Ryan and saxophone by the late great Earl Seymour, this is a bit of a departure for The Kings but David Diamond's incredible singing puts the focus on the emotion behind the lyric and Sonny's music makes it all believable. 

I Like To Rock and Roll is one of the first songs ever recorded by WhistleKing, before changing to The Kings. Written by Sonny Keyes and Mister Zero, this rocker says it all. Listen to the singing of David Diamond and you will understand why this band was destined for bigger things.

This Beat Goes On Here is a really rare treat, the way it was as it was first written. You won't believe this one! Not for the faint of heart! Talk about warts and all! This is no laughing matter, to learn more, see the story on the making of The Kings Are Here.

The Guide to the Escoffier Society.  TORONTO Chefs & Cooks Sailing Day & Regatta

The Guide to: Homeschool
YAY!  No School Day

------------- The Guide to:
Liaison College
Celiac Association
& Chefs Society

This video is taken from the Canadian Celiac Association Conference 2000. Many references are made to food intolerances and preparation, and keeping chefs informed.  Photos Here

The panel

Gene Mallette - Owner, Hamilton Campus Liaison College
Andre Donnet - Former instructor at Liaison College, and Vice President of Hamilton Chefs Association.
Trevor Hamilton - Chairman of Hamilton Chef's Association,  Former instructor Liaison College.
International Night pics here.

 Raymond, a student from Hamilton Campus doing a cooking demo.
 Andre, Gene & Trevor discuss the definitions of cross contamination.
 Andre comments on restaurants.
 Andre recommends gluten free choices.
Here is a funny cartoon video, it is called Combo #5



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