Gluten Free Traveling in Canada


Winnipeg, Brandon
The Pas , Transcona, La Broquerie



The Super Stores - St. Anne's Rd. and Gateway
IGA on Dakota
European Meat & Sausage - 6 Britannica Square
Meyers Drug Store, 483 William Avenue Tel: 204  943 1466
Safeway on Kenaston
Canadian Nutrition Centre 1795 Henderson Way
Vita Health, 845 Dakota St. 
Oma's Bake Shop in McIvor Mall
L & W's Venture Farms  Tel: 204 424 5160; 1 866 639 1711
Loves to Bake Tel: 204 642 3162
Old Fashion Foods 154 Main St.  tel: 773 3828
Meyers Drug Store 483 William Ave Tel:  204 943 1466
Lorenzo's Specialty Foods, 1060 St. Mary's Rd. Tel:  204 253 1300
Celimix Products, 66 Higgins Ave. Tel: 1 866 989 0379


International Inn La Fiesta 856 Ellice Ave., Tel:  204 783 7755 Gasthouse Gutenberger Restaurant 2583 Portage Ave. Ichiban Mona Lisa Restaurant on Corydon Tap & Grill on Osborne Street Pasta La Vista Heart Beat Diner  612a Academy Rd. Tri- border cafe in Emerson, Tel: 204 373 2520 The Park Town Restaurant  2015 Portage Avenue Empress of China 1050 Henderson Hwy Tavern in The Park Tony Romas The Bread & Circuses Bakery Café 238 Lilac St. Tel: 204 477 4555 Velvet Glove Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel corner of Portage & Main St.


Kuipers Bakery, 1st Ave. (this is a partner of Kinnikinik foods)
Two Farm Kids Health Foods, 32nd ave
Sobey's South, 18th Ave
Superstore, 10th Ave.

CCA Manitoba Chapter  President: Joy Plohman

The Pas, & Transcona

Tri Family Health Box 348 Edwards Ave. 204 623 7042
Bulk Zone Health Food Store 1530 Regent Ave. Transcona

Bed and Breakfast The Sacred Garden 204 334 3651

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This guideline was compiled by:  Celiac Canada, by recommendation of Celiac persons in Canada..
Celiac Canada does not endorse businesses included, or guarantee a gluten free dining experience.
For best results, please telephone restaurant in advance and/or speak to chef upon arrival.