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UPDATE: Kid Rock Sidekick Joe C. Dies (MTV site -Video)
Joseph Calleja, best known to music fans as Kid Rock's undersized sidekick Joe C., died in his sleep on Thursday evening at his home in Taylor, Michigan, according to a statement issued by Kid Rock's label, Atlantic Records. Calleja was 26.

Joe C. dies (JAM! Showbiz)
Kid Rock's diminuitive sidekick, Joe C., is dead.  
The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name was Joseph Calleja, succumbed to celiac disease, an intestinal disorder he had suffered since childhood, his label, Atlantic Records, announced Friday afternoon.

Kid Rock Sidekick Joe C Dies (Billboard.com)
Joseph Calleja, best known as diminutive rapper and Kid Rock sidekick Joe C, died Nov. 16 2000 at his home in Taylor, Mich. Calleja, who suffered from an intestinal disorder known as Celiac disease since childhood, was 26.

Kid Rock's Li'l Partner Joe C. Dies (AOL Entertainment)
Joseph Calleja, Rock's pint-sized rapping sidekick, best known to the world as Joe C., died in his sleep Thursday night at his home in Taylor, Michigan, Atlantic Records said in a statement. He was 26.

Nov 17, 2000

Joseph Calleja, professionally known as Joe C., passed away on Thursday night in his sleep at home in Taylor, Michigan. The popular rapper and signature character with Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker band, Joe C. had suffered since childhood with Celiac disease, an intestinal disorder. He was 26 years old.

Joe C. made his recording debut in 1998 on Kid Rock's multi-platinum Top Dog/Lava/Atlantic album, "DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE." He also contributed a solo performance to the Atlantic companion soundtrack album to the motion picture, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

On behalf of himself and Twisted Brown Trucker, Kid Rock stated: "Family and friends are everything; without them, all of the fame and fortune means nothing. We have lost part of our family. Joey gave us and the world his love. He brought a smile to everyone who has ever known or seen him. In a world full of confusion, Joey made all of us laugh. No matter what color, religion, race, or beliefs we have, he made us all smile. He gave us the gift of joy. Joey, thank you. We will never forget you. We love you."

Lava Records President Jason Flom commented: "Joe C. was an extraordinary inspiration. He overcame tremendous adversity to become a great performer and a truly wonderful human being. Despite living with chronic pain, Joe C. never let his condition prevent him from living life to the fullest and brightening the lives of everyone who knew him, on or off the stage. He was a deeply loved member of our extended family and we will all miss him greatly."

Short of stature due to his lifelong illness, Joe C. was a larger-than-life, colorful personality who Spin magazine described as "the essence of Rock's whacked carnival… the wiseass neighborhood hooligan who's always going to the store for beer and cigarettes and talking much doo-doo along the way… his bite is much milder than his bark. It's commendable, considering that every single one of his days is like climbing Mt. Everest."

From appearing as a Western gunslinger in Kid Rock's "Cowboy" video to his comedic turn as Jerry Lee Lewis's young bride on an episode of Saturday Night Live, from his Jimi Hendrix impersonation during Rock's performance at Woodstock '99 to his animated appearance on The Simpsons, Joe C. exhibited an infectious, no-holds-barred persona which captivated audiences around the world.

Joe C


Another full story where Joe C. talks about his size and Celiac Disease is at: Entertainment Weekly.






This is the story of how Joe C, came unto Kid Rock

Kid Rock explains,  "Joe C. ... that little mother used to come to all my shows, stand on tables in the front row, and sing all the lyrics. It bummed me out because I thought he was some little kid, and his parents were taking him to all my shows and buying him my records. I'm not the king of morals or anything, but I thought that was a little twisted. Finally, after one of the shows, Joe C comes up to me and asks if I wanted to smoke a joint. That was the final straw. I asked him to take me to his dad, and he got p-ssed. He started yelling, 'I'm grown! I'm grown!' When I realized he was just a midget, I said, 'Bring your short a-- backstage.' He hung with us in the back, and I offered him a job rapping with the crew. I bought him a little karaoke machine and taught him how to rap."

One site states that he takes 72 pills a day. At night he is hooked up to an I.V. machine.  This is not verified.
Joe C. and Kid Rock were also scheduled to do an episode of the Simpson’s before their national tour kicked off in Kalamazoo, MI.

Joe C. 
will start working on his debut album, which he says may or may not be called ''Enquiring Size Wants to Grow.''

Partial Album review from CDNow
Devil Without A Cause - Kid Rock

Unfortunately, most of the album's strengths are camouflaged beneath a deluge of obnoxious, masturbatory profanities that even Lenny Bruce would have choked on. And if that's not enough, meet Joe C., a 23-year-old midget who introduces himself on the album's title track like this: "I'm a freako, call me sick/Three-foot nine with a ten-foot d---."


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