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Hamilton Homeschool
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Welcome to the Hamilton Information Page.  Here you can find more local information, such as the Hamilton Branch of the Canadian Federation of Chefs & Cooks, and the Hamilton Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association.   If you are interested in moving to Hamilton, you can contact Global Link Immigration and Paralegal Services.

Local education information included is the Hamilton Homeschool Association.  Other culinary information includes the Open Kitchen Cooking School, The Humble Chef, and Chef Vitesse Cooking Program.

If it is entertainment you are looking for, be sure to stop by The Kings Rock.  For some action, Bush Bear ATV, is a great place to visit.  A great children's resource is located at Steeltown Kids.  Here is a link, if you would like to play free arcade style games now.

Some other local information includes local waterfalls and Hamilton hiking hot spots, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Army Cadets.  A local basketball team  is the Hamilton Wildcats and Steeltown Boxing has many events.  Here is a Tiger Cat Football Page.

Some businesses featured are Outdoor Supplies in Stoney Creek, Berkemann Shoes, The Keeping Room, and also featured is Avery's Journey, a Retinoblastoma awareness site.  For professional computer consultation, there is Mortech Computers.

You may wish to broaden your culinary horizons with the Adopt A Ship Navy Chef Cooking Program, or the Austraila Chef Exchange.



You can be online for pennies a day.

The Hamilton Airshow link is here.
It is located at the Hamilton International Airport


Getting around Hamilton

    TAXI Service

  • BLUE: 525-BLUE
  • Yellow: 522-3535
  • Veterans:310-TAXI