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Celiac Canada FAQ'S

What is Celiac Canada ?

[Celiac Canada is an internet mailing list and website devoted to keeping Celiacs in Canada and abroad informed and updated in aspects of Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.  It is also a resource for persons interested in contacting manufacturers.]

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Who Operates Celiac Canada ?

[Celiac Canada is administered by a Canadian Celiac Association chapter executive member in Canada.  That is the only connection it has with the Canadian Celiac Association.  Pamela Penny coordinates and administers the Celiac-Canada mailing list.  Pamela is Past President and former Newsletter Editor, and Director of Product Information for the Hamilton Chapter.

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Where does Celiac Canada obtain Product Information  ?

[Celiac Canada obtains Product Information by contacting the manufacturer in person. Either by way of telephone, fax, email, or postal service, all products are verified by the manufacturer.  Many product lists are also provided by Celiac Canada members.  All users are encouraged to contact the company themselves with the 1 800 telephone numbers provided. In the case of the Fast Food Fries page, this information was verified over the telephone to the head offices.  Each establishment may vary and you are encouraged to inquire upon your arrival.

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Where do Celiac Canada obtain it's Travel Information  ?

[Celiac Canada obtains Travel Information most often from all of you and advertising.  It is found in postings to Celiac Canada archives, and shared from various publications from Chapters across Canada, the United States and even New Zealand, and Australia.  It is always recommended to telephone in advance if you are planning to request a gluten free meal.  Don't be afraid to ask to speak with the chef upon arrival.]

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How do I navigate Celiac Canada ?

[SUBSCRIBING TO Celiac-Canada: Send an email (be sure to use lower case letters) to: majordomo@penny.ca Leave the subject or title of the email blank.  In the body of the email, type: subscribe celiac-canada and on the next line type--> end Send the email. In a short while you will receive mail asking you to authenticate your subscription by sending a specific confirming message back to the server. After confirming, you will receive another email containing this file. (The authentication process is in place to prevent misuse of the service.) 
UNSUBSCRIBING FROM Celiac-Canada: send an email (be sure to use lower case letters) to: majordomo@penny.ca.  Leave the subject or title of the email blank. In the body of the email, type: unsubscribe celiac-canada and on the next line type end Send the email. Celiac-Canada messages should stop immediately. (Note - this feature can be used to stop messages while you are away for a lengthy period. You may resubscribe at any time.)]

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Who subscribes to Celiac Canada ?

Celiac Canada has over 400 people subscribed and has been running since March 1999. We are always growing, now covering ONT, ALTA, QUE, NB, SASK, MAN, NFLD, NS, & BC. The U.K. and the U.S. are also keeping us united in our effort. Thank you to all the subscribers for your plentiful information, cooperation, and support that makes Celiac Canada a success today.

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What are the Rules of Celiac Canada ?

The rules for Celiac-Canada are simple:

1) The main purpose of the list is to offer information and support to persons suffering from Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis, managing the Gluten Free Diet and related illnesses.
2) Any product/medical information is not an endorsement from the listowners and/or Canadian Celiac Association.
3) Celiac-Canada is NOT, repeat NOT, a 'chat' line,
It's main purpose would be to distribute relevant information to Celiac Disease.  Please support summarization of posts by replying back to the author and not the list.
4) Any messages sent to Celiac-Canada must include your real name, location (city and province) and e-mail address, e.g.  Joe Smith, Anytown, ON  joe.smith@xyz.com.
5) This list must not be used to promote or advertise a business belonging to yourself or otherwise. There is NO ADVERTISING on this mailing list. (i.e.: If you have to pay for something, it's advertising.) If you are interested in advertising to subscribers at Celiac Canada, this option is only available at the Celiac Canada website. Please contact list administrator for this option.

PLEASE NOTE: Posting rights may be suspended if a subscriber uses the service for 'chat', or posts information irrelevant to Celiac Disease and The Gluten Free Diet. This list is also not an appropriate place to promote or denounce manufacturer's, businesses, or the medical profession.

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Can I advertise at Celiac Canada ?

Advertising options are available at Celiac Canada. Since the list is non profit and free to subscribers, advertising money is graciously accepted.  Rates are negotiable. There is no advertising via the email list, only at the Celiac Canada website.

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