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Joe C

Joe C. gets Gold Album


He is in the Twisted Brown Tucker Band. Joe C is 3 Feet 9 Inches tall and 24 years old.  He is also performed with Kid Rock.

He is often mistaken for a midget, and on a Howard Stern episode was clearly quite steadfast he has Celiac Disease.

Full Story here.

Read what Joe C. has on his shirt
Here is Kid Rock with Joe C. at Woodstock, his shirt says it all.

Peter Michael Marino

He is a cast member from the Broadway hit Stomp.  He is an accomplished director and designer, and can be heard on dozens of radio and TV commercials.  He is also star and authour of a one man show called All About Me.  After being admitted to the hospital with a hernia, it was not long until it was discovered he had Celiac Disease. Full Story Here.  

Former U.S. State
Lieutenant Governor Jane Swift

Jane Swift resides in Massachusetts, and at age 25 was the youngest women ever elected into the state Senate.

Full Story Here

  • Katherine, Duchess of Kent  More Info here

  • Terence Stamp (actor) More Info Here

  • Tiggy Legg Bourke (former nanny to Prince William) is Coeliac. 

  • Jodie Kidd (model) - sister Sophie is the Celiac

  • Lady Antonia Frasier- author - historical novels -married to Harold Pinter. 

  • Amanda Donohoe - actress

Nina Myskow, The Real Me - Amanda Donahoe, The Mirror, 02-23-2001
"MY wheat allergy was misdiagnosed for a year. I was lethargic, very tired, with a rash on my forearms so itchy it drove me mad. It would come and go for no reason. I went to hundreds of doctors, then a homeopath took one look at me, and said, "You've got a wheat allergy." I was SO relieved to know the truth. Now if I sneak a sandwich, a bowl of pasta I can't resist, my stomach is out here. Bloated, painful. And I'm itching. I'm an American Bounty hunter.."

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