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Welcome to Celiac-Canada, an electronic mailing list service and product travel information site dedicated to offering support and information to persons with Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

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"I use this website everyday....I am so lost in how to ensure my son is gluten free we have been working at this since December and I still have so much to learn...if weren't for this website we would not have made to progress we did. Its going to be a long road, but having this site certainly is making the journey feel a little shorter."  Sera Osiecki

"My physician has made me aware of this web page.  I am impressed.  Very informative.  I have marked this site to my "Favourites "Just recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease."  Walter DeGeer Nepean , Ont.

"Possibly the best celiac site anywhere - a huge thank you for all the information - and I am passing the site onto others that I meet that are recently diagnosed with Celiac disease." marcie

"I live in Brisbane, Australia and will be travelling to Canada in August (British Columbia mainly. The travel advice section will make it much easier for me to have a great trip in beautiful Canada."
Thank you 
Louise Kummrow

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